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"I Keep Taking Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen and My Migraines Are Getting Worse, Not Better"

It is difficult to not know someone who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines. In a 2004 study, researchers found 18% of adults experienced a severe headache or migraine during the preceding three months. Migraine headaches, which are characterized by painful, disabling, and recurring symptoms, have no known proven cause, treatment, or cure. They occur [..]

"What Jobs Cause a Bad Back and What Can I Do About It?"

Back problems are commonplace in society. It is important to ask if there might be certain risk factors for back injury in your life that can be mitigated or avoided, if possible. While we cannot pick our genetic make-up or even our current occupation (for most of us), how we interact with our daily tasks [..]